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Paver Restoration Port St Lucie, FL

Pavers experience a lot. They are exposed to harsh chemicals, excessive rain, heat, and even oil spills. As such, they do wear and tear over time. And while some people immediately think of doing a whole replacement, there is a much more convenient and cheaper option - restoration. Ultimately, unless you are facing a structural problem or want to change the design of your deck, you are better off with a restoration.


Just get a good contractor and you should be good to go. Fortunately, there are many great paving professionals in Port St. Lucie, proudly led by us. So if you are thinking of getting a paver restoration, do give us a call. We are always happy to hear from you!


Activities included in a paver restoration

Several activities are at the center of paver restoration. These include:


Paver cleaning

A thorough paver cleaning can help restore its former glory. Under this offering, we use hot pressurized water to remove tough stains, mold, oil, and ground-In dirt. For maximum results, we use high-quality cleaning solutions and take our time with your pavers.


Paver repairs

This is yet another service that is usually offered as part of a paver restoration package. Under this offering, we usually check for any damaged or worn-out pavers and fix them. In the process, we effectively replace damaged pavers, lift settled areas, and replace risen edging.


Paver joint re-sanding

Over time, weeds, mold, and grass can grow in your paver joints. As such, when doing a restoration we are always keen on removing them and any old sand. It is only after this that we can install new joint sand. To increase longevity, we particularly like to use high-quality polymeric sand that improves the functionality and appearance of an interlocking pavement system.


Whenever we do a joint re-sanding project, we have to do some cleaning and sealing afterward, just to lock the pavers in place. Not only is this process good for old worn-out pavers but also new ones.

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Sealing your pavers is one of the most effective ways of restoring your pavers. It comes with serious advantages such as:


  •     It produces a beautiful glossy finish and highlights your pavers’ color, keeping them looking newer for longer
  •     It protects pavers from contact with spills, oils, and grime, preventing staining and accumulation of water
  •     Because of their protective features, sealers increase the longevity of your pavers

Needless to say, sealing is an integral part of our paver restoration services. It is that final touch that brings everything together.

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